Be of value

Technology evolves at a tremendous pace which system technicians, engineer and administrators need to keep up to date with. There are very few people who will, after a hard day’s work, test and study new or improved software releases. We expect our employees to introduce advancements in technology to each other, to ensure we can offer our clients the best value. We are also best equipped to determine whether the new or improved tech, is as good as it’s being promoted to be. Therefore we aim to:

  • Be indispensable;
  • Add expertise;
  • Work as a team; and
  • Feel like family.

Count on me

It’s important to us that our employees can count on each other, while our clients can in turn count on them. It takes discipline to be the person who others can depend on. Our aim is to make it a habit that we do what we say. Therefore we strive to:

  • Be reliable;
  • Be dependable;
  • Have clear communication; and
  • Work hard.

Own your responsibility

We know that our service has a direct influence on our clients’ business results. And we take the responsibility we have, very seriously. For us, it’s about doing what we’ve been asked to do, to ensure we get the task done with the integrity and respect, as we expect from others. And while everybody can make mistakes, we feel it’s how you handle it that will show your true self. We aim to:

  • Be honest.
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Show respect.
  • Always take responsibility for our actions.

I care

In an age where more people are living alone due to urbanization, and the use of smartphones decrease the amount of eye contact humans have, we’re aware that our interaction with our clients and each other, should always be sincere. And as our role as managed IT professionals is evolving from problem-solvers to solution givers, we remain committed to act with empathy. Since we live in a society where unemployment is so high, we’re always grateful for the work we have, and try and make our interactions fun to ensure we manage our stress-levels positively. It means that:

  • Clients and colleagues know we are concerned with their problems and challenges.
  • We have empathy.
  • We care.
  • We are grateful.

Embrace the new

One thing is for sure, in our line of work, things change all the time. And we love it. It gives us a kick to learn something new, solve a problem that we couldn’t before, or be more efficient in how we work. We certainly don’t like doing the same old thing every day. In fact, we like a challenge! Therefore, we love:

  • Being empowered through learning continuously.
  • Being open to change.
  • Being challenged.
  • To embrace technology.