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The real business of costs of onsite vs. cloud based storage This article was first published by Tarsus Today on 19 September 2018. Comparing the true cost of onsite servers vs. cloud storage is tricky, as it varies greatly depending on the specifics of the systems being deployed. Cloud based solutions could represent a potential cost savings of 30% in the long run. Here are the factors to take into account when considering the difference in costing. Set- Up Cost Having an onsite server requires capital investment in hardware and infrastructure. There are a few unavoidable
The Dallas Zoo is working hard to provide a better, larger and more natural environment for its elephants. Using a combination of Radio Frequency Identification ankle bracelets and Azure, they have gathered more data – and more accurate data – than they previously thought possible. With the help of Power BI, researchers can now do in one day what used to take them six months, meaning accelerated improvements based on data. Technology is making for happy elephants. Crimson Line can help you achieve similar productivity increases. It’s imperative that you get the right cloud strategy
Crimson Line started using Microsoft Teams soon after it’s launch. It’s developed into an all-in-one communication app that we find useful to consolidate all our communication in one place. Have a look at this video tutorial created by Microsoft Mechanics to understand why we find it useful to increase our productivity.
In March, #TechNative published an article with great video content from Microsoft’s CTO, Mark Russinovich, on why Microsoft’s Azure offering is a winning cloud offering. What we’ve know for a while they stated clearly: “What’s more, they (Microsoft) are embracing the open nature of cloud environments, so companies fearing lock-in will feel more comfortable settling on the Azure platform.” Read the full article here.
Have a look at how Microsoft Office 365 helps business owner, Scott Naucler, keep software costs down thanks to Office 365’s monthly subscription cost. One license of Office 365 is good for use on up to FIVE devices for a single user, which means that you can get more stuff done anywhere, anytime – and at a reasonable cost. Contact Crimson Line today to find out how we can help you do the same! Learn how to use Office 365 with our Quick Start guide.