Work at a Microsoft Gold Partner

We believe that experience and a keen interest counts for more than qualifications. But having said that, we need you to have a NQF 5 qualification before we can consider you for an apprenticeship.

We have two opportunities available for apprenticeships:

  1. Experiential training as required by your training institution; and
  2. Internship at Crimson Line whereby you get paid a monthly stipend.

How does it work?

The basics: Choosing an Higher Education and Training institution that ensures you are equipped with the knowledge around the basics of computers – which will include the CompTIA and ICDL courses – is a good starting point in your career.

Whether you’re studying full-time, or part-time, a course that includes experiential training, is the one we recommend. Should you wish to be placed at Crimson Line, which is located in Cape Town’s central suburb of Goodwood, complete this application form.

You’re qualified: Once you have a qualification, you are eligible for our internship program where we’ll give you industry related training as well as specific 3rd party vendor related training and pay you a stipend. Complete this application form to be eligible for this opportunity.

What do you learn during your internship?

As soon as we’ve ensured you have a comprehension of the basics of IT Support, you’ll be trained through mentorship and coaching by qualified staff, on a live first-line support desk. Here you’ll be exposed to the exciting adventure of a busy service environment, providing support to end users from companies in a variety of industries. This is were you are taught:

  1. Effective communication with all parties involved using a variety of software applications.
  2. Crimson Line’s service delivery standards.
  3. Basic principles of effective fault finding.
  4. The ethics and processes for remote support.
  5. Training in the use of remote monitoring and management tools.
  6. Identifying, understanding and managing the risk of ransomware and viruses.
  7. Training in the use of Professional Service Automation tools.
  8. Managing firewall related services.
  9. Training in the procedures and tools for back-ups and restores.
  10. Office 365 migration exposure.
  11. ISP/MPLS awareness training.
  12. Best practices that support effective service delivery in the IT industry.
  13. Overview of the principles of service delivery management.
  14. Basics of project IT project management.
  15. Basics of account management.

On completion of the one year internship program at Crimson Line, we may offer you a position in either our cloud or IT support team as a junior systems engineer.

Always learning

Continuous training is vital to a successful career in this industry as the evolution is rapid. We assist our staff to identify which Microsoft and industry related courses will benefit their career trajectory. Staff do their own online training, while Crimson Line mentors and coaches them in order to pass the international exams. Crimson Line pays for all exams our valued staff pass.

Career guidance

Crimson Line will happily give career guidance advice to individuals who aren’t sure which path to follow in this complex industry. Send an email to with your questions and make sure to include a contact number.