We provide storage space on our Cloud based disc-to-disc data backup solution using Redstor Cloud Backup (previously known as Attix5).

Redstor Cloud Backup provide backup and recovery technology and managed services to hundreds of service providers across every continent, who in turn utilise this technology to deliver services to thousands of end users across the world.

Redstor Cloud Backup is recognized internationally for its reliability and performance. With Redstor, Security and Virtualization are both balanced, to make it a complete solution for all types of businesses.

Myth: I Have Google Drive, I Don’t Need to Back Up?

A common myth which exists amongst many cloud service users is that when you are making use of a cloud storage application, you do not need to make a backup of your stored data.

Cloud storage applications, like Dropbox and Google Drive, are fantastic tools to store data in the cloud. They provide real time file access, file synchronisation and file sharing. Storing data in the cloud is incredibly convenient and allows the user more mobility because data can be accessed from anywhere.

Don’t confuse cloud storage and cloud backup.

Cloud storage should not be confused with cloud backup. Remote backup services are considered a form of cloud computing, but its application and intention differs from simply storing data in the cloud. Cloud backup focuses on encrypting and transferring data to an off-site location for the purpose of safekeeping.