Everybody relies on access to the Internet to do their work. But how critical is this to the successful completion of your work? For some businesses, no access to the Internet for a couple of hours mean that employees simply switch to their smart phones to access their email. It’s no big deal. But when you’re dependent on the Internet to share files, run business applications in the Cloud, use your Internet connection for VoIP business phone services or rely heavily on online communication to collaborate with other employees to stay productive, you can’t afford any downtime.

The best solution is to take advantage of redundant Internet services. You must have a secondary Internet connection that ensures you always have access to the Net, even if one provider’s service is down.

The backup Internet connection does not have to provide you with the exact same throughput as the primary connection. It’s simply there as a safety net should the primary connection fail.

In South Africa you might choose one of these options, as an example, as for primary and secondary access:

ADSL and 3G or

ADSL and wireless / fibre or

Fibre and wireless.

It just depends on your needs and budget.

Speaking of budget… we understand that the finance department won’t welcome the idea of spending money on a backup Internet connection when your primary connection has been working perfectly. Consider though the loss of revenue to company when a prolonged outage does happen. Can your company afford not to have a backup connection when the Internet is critical to be able to function?

Outages can be caused by hardware failure on your side or a problem with your line, for instance. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be experiencing their our network issues or congestion resulting in downtime for your connection. This is when a backup connection from a secondary ISP provide another level of redundancy for your own services.

An added bonus is that many of today’s firewalls support multiple external connections. This means that traffic can switch over from your downed primary connection to the backup connection automatically and instantaneously. Since you’re probably not employing the same connection speed for your secondary connection, users will experience slower performance. But this is preferable to being completely down and unable to work for an unknown period of time.

At Crimson Line, we’ll go out of our way to assist you when disaster strikes, but we believe it’s better to avoid the disaster if it can be helped. Having a secondary internet connection is one way of sidestepping company wide frustration and loss of revenue. We believe it’s worth ever cent and highly recommend it to companies who are heavily reliant on the Internet.


Why Seacom has suffered another outage explains that “Construction work in Egypt is a key reason behind fibre cuts that have disrupted internet services in South Africa twice in one week.”

Gareth van Zyl, Fin24, 2016-01-28