Cloud Migration Services

We assist you in migrating your IT systems and data to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud ensures your IT systems run efficiently and does so cost effectively.

Where to start? We’ll give you a holistic view of your current IT consumption patterns, and an accurate appraisal of workflows, to equip you to maximize applications and solutions. We’ll also give you expert guidance with change management throughout the process.

  • What is Cloud Migration Services?

    Crimson Line will either assist you, or act on your behalf, to migrate your mail, documents, archives, data and servers. We’re experts at Windows Azure and Azure pack migrations, SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, and server consolidation. Our expertise will guide you through the architecture and design, solution deployments, and the complexities of infrastructure issues.

    Crimson Line services a range of clients in various industries, meaning we have the experience and knowledge to ensure we offer you a solution best suited to your needs, company size and industry requirements.

    Crimson Line’s Cloud Migration Services preps your organisation to get you ready to migrate to the cloud, then we guide you through the change management that will ensure your migration is successful. We’re a team of expert consultants, available to you during the whole process to ensure a successful transition.

  • How will Cloud Migration Services benefit my business?

    Crimson Line, having done over 1000 user migrations, offers you:


    • Get tailored architecture and design consulting
    • Benefit from optimized project methodology to achieve quality assurance
    • Effective migration of your data, users and systems
    • Guidance to navigate complex solution deployment

    We’ve explained the Cloud to you in plain English. Now you understand why you need experts to ensure that you’re making the right decisions when you’re Migrating to the Cloud. Let us help you move !

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